Período de prueba a Maternity and Infant Care

A través de OVID hemos activado un período de prueba de 15 días a la base de datos Maternity and Infant Care (de la empresa MIDIRS). De cara a conocer su interés por una posible suscripción, os agradecería que la probarais y me dijeráis si os parece interesante.

La forma de acceder es a través de la plataforma OVIDsp utilizando las claves del Hospital (en el listado de bases de datos de OVID aparece en la parte de abajo).

Esta es la información general de la base de datos:

Maternity and Infant Care is an important essential resource for academics and healthcare professionals involved in the care of women and infants. This unique database contains over 120,000 references with abstracts to journal articles from over 550 international English language journals, books, and grey literature relating to pregnancy, labor, birth, postnatal care, and neonatal care and the first year of an infant’s life. Database coverage is from the mid-1980s and approximately 1000 records are added to the database per month. The database also includes correspondence and commentary written in response to an article. Many of the records are assigned to one or more of 475 standard searches on key topics in order to provide fast retrieval, using either a code or a browsable index of topics.
Key topics include: Hospital policies, Social and psychological aspects, Healthcare professionals role, Antenatal health issues, Employment issues, Screening, Ethical and professional issues, HIV, International maternity, Complementary therapies, Sudden infant death and infant mortality, Health education, Neonatal care and intensive care…

The database represents a powerful research tool for users around the world. Journals indexed in the database are international from the USA and Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, UK, Africa and the Middle East. In addition grey literature is covered such as pamphlets, reports, web journals, press releases, newspaper articles and chapters in books. URLs are available for linking to electronic documents in addition to the journal articles full texts linking facilities of the Ovid Technologies platform.



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